I have been collaborating on the Accesible P5.js/processing project at NYU's Ability Project. A project that addresses the lack of accessible programming-learning materials for the blind and visually impaired through a community-based approach to the development of programming pedagogy tools. Working with Claire Kearney-Volpe and Mathura Govindarajan I have collaborated in the optimization of the p5.js web editor accessibility extension by finding user friendly solutions, looking into user-generated errors, finding bugs, testing recent updates, and debugging.

Here are some of the accessibility functionalities we've worked on since I joined the team:

  • Optimizing accesible text syntax by reducing verbosity
  • Re-structuring table text output and looking into more efficient use of language to communicate with users
  • Testing the use multiple outputs simultaneously
  • Auto-focus of accesible output

Now we are working on an accesible p5 widget that will allow blind and visually impaired users to participate in on-line learning workshops.