I have been collaborating on the Accesible P5.js/processing project at NYU's Ability Project. A project that addresses the lack of accessible programming-learning materials for people that are blind and visually impaired through a community-based approach to the development of programming pedagogy tools. Working with Claire Kearney-Volpe and Mathura Govindarajan I have collaborated in the optimization of the p5.js web editor accessibility extension by finding user friendly solutions, looking into user-generated errors, finding bugs, testing recent updates, and debugging.

Here are some of the accessibility functionalities we've worked on since I joined the team:

  1. Optimization of P5 Accessibility Interceptor in the p5 web IDE.

    • Continual testing and updating of the Interceptor to respond to new browser updates.
    • Reducing the verbosity of the canvas text output and canvas table text output.
    • Enabling the use of multiple outputs —text output, sound output, and table output— simultaneously.
    • Implementation of a high contrast IDE theme for people with low vision.
  2. Development of the P5 Accessibility Library
    • Working towards making the accessible p5 canvas available outside of the web IDE through a client side library that allows users to make any p5 sketches accessible for people that are blind and visually impaired.
  3. Development of the Accessible P5 Widget.

    1. Testing the Accessible P5 Library by implementing it on the P5 Widget. This should be useful for creating P5 learning materials for people that are blind and visually impaired.