Collaboration and the Connected Learning Environment @ Omar Dengo Foundation


At the Omar Dengo Foundation (ODF) I’ve been researching strategies for collaboration and creative learning in K-12 computational media classrooms under the mentorship of Maria Eugenia Bujanda Ph.D.

The project started with the aim of looking for strategies for collaborative projects between students and teachers in order to take advantage of the new broadband network that connects all public primary and secondary schools in the country. I researched how collaboration had been approached in ODF’s learning initiatives during its first 30 years, looked at current perspectives on participatory culture, collaboration, and social constructionism. Through this project I was able to talk to more than 30 teachers and ODF colleagues from all across the country about the way they approach collaboration in their classrooms. Together with my colleagues we drafted strategies to promote collaboration in current and future programs at the Foundation.

I produced a report that compiles the findings of this project. You can read the report (in Spanish) here: Trabajo colaborativo en el aprovechamiento del ecosistema educativo conectado.