A simple NPM module/JavaScript client-side library that when given a hex or rgb value returns color names that are easy to understand for people who are blind and visually impaired.

Created with MathuraMG to provide accessible color names to the blind and visually impaired as part of the p5 accessible canvas project for the p5.js web editor. You can access the repo for the library here:

NPM module

For use with Node.js: npm install colornamer

var color = require('colornamer');

color.rgbColorName(255,0,0); //returns red
color.hexColorName('ff0000'); //returns red

Client library

Link your html to the library: 
Use the following functions to get a color name: 

rgbColorName(255,0,0); //returns red the expected input is three ints hexColorName('ff0000'); //returns red the expected input is a string of six characters without "#"