I implemented the Smart Citizen Kit project at the Curridabat Municipality. The goal was to collect data of Ms. Dinia's experience as she moved around town. To do so, I optimized Fab Lab Barcelona’s Smart Citizen Kit firmware for offline SD card data logging and added GPS tracking to the Smart Citizen Kit. Collected data informed the town's action plan for urban accessibility. Below you can watch Edgar Mora Altamirano, the mayor of Curridabat, Costa Rica, talk about the project and its impact in creating public policies that make cities more accessible and livable for all citizens. This project was done through FabLab Veritas and under the advise of Robert Garita.

For English select 'CC'. The mayor of Curridabat in San José, Costa Rica explains how inequality is driven by a lack of understanding of public policy and how technology can break down that barrier. The #InequalityIs campaign by the Ford Foundation is a yearlong conversation about inequality in all its forms.